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Griffith Pistol Club was established in 1975. There are two 25 meter ranges and one 50 meter range on 14.71 Hectares of land tucked into McPherson’s Range.

We are dedicated to providing and promoting a safe environment for all our members and eligible people wanting to try the sport of pistol shooting.

The club conducts scored matches on the first and third Saturday of each month at our Myall Park range and every second Sunday for larger caliber events at the Rankins Springs Range.

Please check out our 2024 program for more details.

Club Information

Target shooting with a pistol is a family sport that can be enjoyed by all ages from 12 years
onwards. Target pistol shooting is an international discipline in which handguns of various
calibers and categories are shot in a variety of matches to hit targets placed at 25 and 50m
with varying time restrictions. Other types of matches involve shooting at metallic targets
out to 200m as well as practical shooting events.

Club Location: Simpson’s Lane, off Rankin Springs Rd, 10km from Beelbangera.
Postal Address: PO Box 17, GRIFFITH 2680
Club Approval No: 403901356

Membership Categories:

Ordinary: Full adult members (18+ years of age) a Probationary Period applies for the first
six months. Eligible to hold a full Category H Pistol Licence

Junior: Members start at 12 years of age up to 18 years of age. Eligible to hold a limited
licence (Minor’s Permit) Minors cannot possess target pistols and must shoot under
supervision of adult members.

Associate: Members who are also members of another Pistol Club and affiliated through
that other Club.

Joining the Club: Intending members need to complete an Application Form and attach
two written character references. Applications are considered at each monthly club meeting that is usually held on 1st Saturday of each month at 1-00pm at the Clubhouse.
New members will need to complete a SSAA Membership Application form (only if they are
not already SSAA members) this is to provide association affiliation and for insurance
purposes. Once the application is approved members will need to pay the appropriate club
fee as well.
Following Club acceptance, new members can begin shooting as soon as a NSW Firearms
Registry Declaration Form (P650) has been satisfactorily completed and basic instruction in the safe handling of target pistols is received. New members need to apply for a
Probationary Pistol licence (Category H Target Shooting) from the NSW Police Firearms
Registry to enable them to begin the Firearms Safety Training Program that is conducted by the Club. This has to be completed successfully within the first six months of membership.
The Firearms Registry is informed when you begin this Program and of its outcome.
For the first six months new members cannot acquire any pistols, but must use club pistols
and shoot under the direct supervision of experienced members while they complete their
Firearms Safety Training Program. After six months holding a Category H licence they can
apply for a permit to purchase two target pistols in the second six months of the
probationary period. Target pistols types can be a rimfire, centrefire, air or black powder
pistol but not a rimfire and centrefire at the same time. After 12 months a full Category H
licence can be applied for and additional pistols purchased.
Before the first target pistol is purchased, an approved pistol safe must be installed by the
owner and be inspected by the NSW Police to ensure the safe meets current Regulations
for the safe storage of target pistols.
The probationary period is a good time to learn safety requirements, the rules of the various matches and to find out about different types of target pistols before any are purchased.
Further information about approved target pistols, calibres, barrel lengths, pistol safes, etc
can be obtained from club officials or the NSW Police Firearms Registry website.

Club Pistols: These are usually held by the Club Captain, who should be contacted when
a new member wishes to attend a shoot.

Club meetings: Meetings are held at the Clubhouse on 1st Saturday of each month at 1pm,
except when the 1st Saturday is on a Long Weekend. The monthly meeting is then held on
the following Saturday. All members are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Shoot Program: An annual program is published for matches held at the Pistol Club and
at the range at Rankin Springs. The two main monthly shoots are held at the Pistol Club
range on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays commencing at 2-00pm. A Metallic Silhouette Match for
centrefire pistols is conducted at the Rankin Springs Range in the cooler months.

Attendance Requirements: Each year all members are required to participate in a
minimum of six club organised competitive shooting matches and at least four club
organised shoots for each type of pistol they possess (rimfire/centrefire/air pistol). Matches for the different types of pistols can form part of the compulsory six shoots.
All members are encouraged to attend more shoots and on a regular basis. The Club is
required to report each member’s attendance and participation to the NSW Police Firearms Registry each year. The continued possession of a target pistol is contingent upon a member remaining an active member of the Club, unless there are exceptional
circumstances why a member isn’t able to attend.

Club fees: The annual club fee covers the club membership, there are not extra charges
during the year for targets, patches, etc. Annual fees become due at the end of October
each year. New members who join in May are only required to pay half the annual fee.
Please note that it is a requirement to be a SSAA member to be eligible to join our club (you
may join SSAA at the same time as Griffith Pistol Club, although the approval will be
pending evidence of SSAA membership).

Attendance Books: The Pistol Club is affiliated with the Sporting Shooters’ Association of
Australia (NSW). Upon arrival at the Club, all members and visitors must sign the attendance Book (s).

Further information: Further information and forms can be obtained by contacting a Club

President: 02 6967 5322

Secretary: 02 6964 2308


Latest COVID-19

Due to inclement weather we have been unable to get machinery up to the range for repairs without making more damage, so therefore the range will still remain closed until this has been completed. I have attached the most recent information from SSAA about range openings. Please read and familiarise yourself with these procedures. Please …